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Sunday, 29 June 2008

Have you Herd the Moos?

"Hello! What's that fellow doing up there, girls?"
"I think he's taking a photo of us for some reason. Come on, let's smile for him!"
"Nah, he's probably just taking a photo of that pointy thing on the hill over there. I'm getting on with my grass-munching!"
"You could be right. Anyway, what's a photo?"
"Dunno, but you've just trodden in my cow pat, you daft moo!"


  1. great photo martin ,how can anyone forget the old pike ,glad to see theres still farming going on up there ,,i was thinking all the farms had been bought ,renovated butjust to live in them and not to keep them as farms anymore ..

  2. What a great piture!

  3. Great picture but I think you will find that they are not "girls" but "boys"...getting fattened up on all that luscious meadow grass.

  4. 'I think you will find that they are not "girls" but "boys"...'

    Details, details....!

  5. June wrote:
    "Great picture but I think you will find that they are not "girls" but "boys"..."

    But the gender required for "cow pat" would not get by the censor.


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