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Monday, 9 June 2008


Melbourne Street in Stalybridge is not exactly heaving with shoppers these days but there is still a steady trickle of people using the shops. In spite of competition from Tesco and Aldi, only one of the shops in this photo is up for sale.

To be fair to Stalybridge, I'm a bit wary of photographing people in a way that makes them too recognisable, so I waited until there weren't any shoppers too close to me before I took the photo! I could have made the street look a lot more crowded if I had taken the photo a little earlier or later!


  1. A long way from Tipperary!!

  2. I wonder if the people in Tipperary sing about Stalybridge?

  3. hi i good to see stalybridge still as some shops , its a wonder they have not turned them into bars


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