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Monday, 2 June 2008

Sat Nav Not Savvy

A "Sign of the Times" here on Newmarket Road warns truck drivers not to follow the instructions of their sat navs!

Over the last few years there have been a number of occasions when some drivers of HGVs (heavy goods vehicles), who had apparently lost the ability to use maps or common sense, followed the instructions of their sat nav and turned left onto Downing Street. The road is not very wide when it starts, but quickly becomes even narrower, dipping steeply into a valley before turning sharply to the right.

Last year, one wayward wagon brought down part of the front wall of a cottage as it struggled to negotiate the corner [read story and see photos].

Incidentally, the "Clock Shop", featured in yesterday's Theme Day, is just around the corner to the left, behind the tree. (The litter bin on the corner can be seen in both photos.) In the distance a bus is passing the Woodcock Inn. Taunton Hall, which appeared here in April, is out of sight on the right, opposite the sat nav sign.


  1. When passing through Waterloo about 5 years ago, I drove down part of Newmarket Road and was dismayed to see so much traffic on the road - it was bumper to bumper. When I left the road in 1979, it was nothing like that. It looks as though what is essentially a B road has been turned into a main through route. From memory, I think the road narrows opposite The Woodcock so it must be dangerous. Your photo certainly seems to confirm the volume of traffic. When I was a lad, you could virtually play football on it without fear of being flattened. Is it because of the M 60 motorway?

  2. No use if the Driver is from the continent.
    Another great picture!


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