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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Chaddy Dams

Tucked away behind Tameside Hospital, between Mossley Road and Ridge Hill, is the lake known as Chadwick Dams. The lake, fed by the Cock Brook, lies on the boundary between Ashton and Stalybridge. The scene shows yesterday's warm June sunshine.


  1. Where are the "Do not feed the ducks" sign? In todays PC Britain it's a well known fact that chucking bread to ducks is bad for them.

  2. I didn't see any ducks here. Perhaps they have all been driven out by the dreadful Canada geese!

  3. There aren't many ducks on the dam. Mainly Canada geese as Martin said, but there are also a gaggle of white domestic geese that have been there for around eight years and have started to breed with the Canadas. The white ones are really noisy...especially if they get disturbed during the night. The roost on the island, but there are foxes around at night after the goslings. I don't fancy the foxes chances - those geese can be really fierce!

  4. I was born next to that lake in a bush. Not really, Lake Hospital actually December 1954,

    Our lakes have signs forbidding feeding as it upsets the migratory species who park their bums for a while. Not that it prevents Mom's with their toddlers from chucking bits of bread.

  5. The Canada geese have taken over all the lakeside parks here,poo everywhere,if they were dogs things would happen.Our mayors solutiun was to cull them and can them for the food bank.I thought it was a good idea but the dogooders (who probably don't use the parks) get on the band wagon so end of that.They tried shipping them north but the same scenario.They won't eat my grass for sure!!!!

  6. The white geese have been there longer then 8 years, I remember them attacking me whilst doing cross country running with Stamford High School in 1993 it was believed a local Farmer abandoned them there, They've done all right for themselves and the gaggle (what a great word lol) has more then tripled in size over the years, Your right June they are fierce and they love ankles!


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