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Sunday, 10 August 2008

Old Bus Garage

The old bus garage on Mossley Road was opened in 1902 as a tram depot when Ashton Corporation took over the lines in the town that had been run by Manchester Carriage and Tramway Company and added new routes of its own. The building was extended over the years and housed the trolleybuses than ran between Stalybridge and Manchester until 1966.

It continued to house Ashton Corporation's buses until they became part of SELNEC in 1969. A few years later, a new depot was opened on Whitelands road to house the buses from the Ashton and Stalybridge garages and the Mossley Road garage was closed. It is now used by a number of commercial businesses.


  1. My gradnfather always referred to this as the 'Tram Sheds'!!!!!!

  2. I think that's what it used to be, Assheton!

  3. I Started work at the Mossley road depot in 1965 as a conductor on trolley buses for Ashton-u-Lyne corperation passenger transport. after 3years as a conductor then a driver and later a depot inspector.
    It was a very happy place to work

  4. My Grandad Albert turner worked as a bus driver for 20 years for ashton Passenger Transpot then Selnec.
    Does any one remeber Albert ??
    Philip Richards Dukinfield

  5. i started at mossley road in 1975 as a conductor, then passed my only driving test in a back loader, sadly i had to leave in 1980, but loved every minute working there


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