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Friday, 26 September 2008

Alphabet Friday - Old Town

O is for "Old Town" and this street sculpture represents Ashton's Old Town area of Stamford Street and Old Street. The metal grid in the centre of the sculpture is in the form of a map of the grid pattern of Ashton's streets. The surface is decorated with a variety of objects to represent the shops and industries of the area. Elsewhere are representations of people, buildings and events that have shaped Ashton. The sculpture was created in 2002 and is the work of artist Michael Johnson.


  1. I'm so glad you posted a close-up — it made me appreciate it so much more! At first I thought the metal sculpture contrasted too much with the old brick buildings, but now I think that it's a wonderful way to commemorate the area's history.

  2. I have passed this sculpture many times, I thought it was a giant cotton bobbin.

  3. Ashton Soroptimists have a "Time Capsule" placed under this sculpture one of two they have placed in the town.

  4. I much preferred the building when it was in use.


    Interestingly, you can see the deterioration of what was supposed to have been a 'cleaned' building.
    Look how nice it looked 4 years ago, now stained and all shuttered up.

    Which of you remember the old Social Security office in the picture?

    As for the sculpture? It's alright I suppose. I can take it either way.

  5. just goes to show,I thought pollution would be a thing of the past after going smokeless.
    4 years isn't that long but it looks like the downspout must be blocked in the corner.
    Would the light have made that much of a difference?

  6. It's more common that you think.
    Loads of buildings have the leaky gutter and downspout problem.


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