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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Mills and Hills

This is an almost timeless picture of northern mills with a background of northern hills and a foreground of cobbles! However, the observant viewer will notice a few clues that this is a recent photo, such as the pole-mounted CCTV camera and the palisade fencing.

This photograph shows a different view of Whiteland Mill, seen here last week. It is seen looking down the steps from the railway bridge at the end of Granville Street, Cockbrook.

Behind Whitelands Mill is Stamford Mill, just across the border in Stalybridge.

A Google aerial view of this location can be seen here.


  1. Great picture!
    I was in the mill with the giant lift in 1972.

  2. we worked shifts at the wellington mill and when i was on the 2pm till 10 i would take karen to my sisters on lees rd and then catch the 28 mins past one bus coming from oldham and get off at the bottom of montigue rd .,walk over the rd in cockbrook turn down a street .then over a bit of a field and onto whitelands rd almost facing the wellington all downhill ,i got there about ten mins before starting work in time to have a natter to the spinner going home after being there from 6pm. ,the steps on the pic must have been further up towards stalybridge i think ,

  3. Ah, remnants of the industrial age surrounded by the emerging era of the Orwellian Big Brother.

    Great image!

  4. Perhaps you walked down Currier Lane and past Mab's Cottage, Spinners? There are only the two ways of getting over the railway lines between Clarence Street and Scotland Street!

    I expect it was all uphill on the way home, though!

  5. Is Mab's Cottage still there then Martin? I lived on Currier Lane in the 60s and 70s and remember going past the Cottage on my way to Bank Top.

  6. What's Mab's Cottage- sounds intriguing?


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