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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School

The former Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School is on the corner of Mill Lane and Crown Street (originally Church Street) in central Ashton.

Built in 1877, the building has been empty for some time, as can be seen by the trees growing from the roof. It has been bought by a company that has converted other old buildings into apartments, so there is a possibility that the building may be retained, although it seems unlikely that anything will happen during the present economic climate.


  1. That's near my bank! The Midland Bank now part of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Group.

    Spent most of Sunday removing the trees from the roof and putting the windows back in. The Sunday school looks lovely now.

  2. Really? I shall have to go back and get a new photo, so that we can compare!

  3. Please could someone give me any information about this building e.g who it belongs too? Who is selling it? How much is the asking price?

    Thanks to whoever can respond to this

    Mr Mistry

  4. It would appear that current council plans are to demolish the building and build a new apartment block on the site.

  5. I used to live opposite on Mill Lane. Our house was on the corner of Mill Lane and Fleet Street and the view from our living room and bedroom was of this building. I left there in the 1960's. Our house has been demolished now and is vacant land from what I can see from streetview. I haven't been back there for 40 yrs so was nice to see a picture of it. Hope that it isn't going to be demolished would much rather it be retained and put to some good use. Ashtonian now living in Aussie

    1. We must have been neighbours. I lived at 24 Mill Lane, just a few doors away from you, up until I was 8 years old in 1965. We probably shared the yard, behind the houses, where the outdoor toilets were?


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