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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Downing Street

Downing Street, off Newmarket Road, Ashton. There is no policeman standing outside Number 10.

Before the 1765 turnpike road opened, this was the main road between Ashton and Oldham!


  1. My auntie lived at Number 22. When it was the Turnpike Rd the horses must have had quite a job turning at the bottom of the 'broo' as Downing St turns into Ney St

  2. It wasn't the Turnpike road - it was the old road that preceded the Turnpike road.
    It didn't turn right onto Ney Street but carried straight on along what is now just a footpath, down a couple of very steep hills, past Riversvale Hall and up to Knott Lanes and then to Bardsley (which was known as Park).
    The road must have been very difficult for any kind of wagon or carriage

  3. Thanks for clearing that little matter up, Martin. The footpath as I remember it went along to Bunk Steps. Was Wood Park part of Bardsley then?

  4. You are right Meg. The path from the bottom of Downing Street led to a little bridge over a stream and then up the steep concrete steps we knew as Bunk Steps. Immediately at the top of the steps was (or possibly still is) a farm and as martin says, the road led past the site of Riversvale Hall, under Valley Aqueduct to Knott Lanes. I spend many hours playing in that stream.

  5. I went out with a guy from the Ellis family on Downing Street...can't remember the number anymore, it was so long ago. He was gorgeous and in the Army, but it was one of those "young love" phases and it lasted all of 6 weeks! Nice to take a trip down memory lane - thank you!

  6. my nan lived on downing street and i spent most of my childhood there she lived in a lovely cottage and she used to take me for walks down the broo then over the tresss to the bunk steps then all around daisy nook then finnish off at the crime lake tearooms for a ice cream then back home again and my feet used to throb but i always loved going


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