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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rounded Corners

This interesting house is on the corner of Ladbrooke Road and Broadoak Road in Ashton. The curved corners and windows give it an Art Deco feel.


  1. Nice looking house. I'd like to live there. It's just about big enough for all our stuff!

  2. Can't wait for GG to see this picture... her brother, my Uncle John, built that house with the rounded corners!

  3. I've always admired that house- reminds me of an ocean liner in full sail. Must be lovely and sunny inside with all that glass.

  4. oh what a lovely surprise martin ,thanks ...the house that my brother john built ,i recognised it straight away ,watched it go up but cant think what year it was ,i would say around 55 to 60 yrs old ,looks great doesnt it ,i wonder if alan deans daughter lives there ..

  5. hi great house but the knights chip shop on warrington street the owner once lived there


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