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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hurst Co-op

The new Co-op supermarket on Queens Road near Hurst Cross. The supermarket stands on the site of the Roxy Cinema. There is also a Co-op "Late Shop" around the corner on Kings Road .


  1. i think i would get lost on queens rd now ,what a complete change ,the roxy was my last job before leaving ashton ,it was a bingo hall back then ,my sisters partner was manager ,.that co.op will be handy there for those houses on kings rd ,just put a gate in the back garden fence ,my sister lived just at back of the roxy ,anderton grove ,

  2. I remember being amazed walking into this co-op. It had only just opened. It felt strange walking into a shop and not the Movie House. Still, I thought it was a great stores, well presented with plenty of choice and heaps of room to shop in. Also the way how they have the car park right up to the front door. At the time I went into it, it not only sold food, there were fridges, outside furniture, Jason Recliner Chairs, and heaps of Video Machines, and Hi-Fi's. They also sold wines and spirits all under the one roof.
    A terrific place for people living in the area. Probably in walking distance for people who do not drive. Save them having to struggle up from Ashton with the weeks groceries!. The other co-op at Hurst Cross seemed to be open very late at night. The sad thing, at the time I was there, they were being consistently held up and robbed. Must have been very unerving for the ladies working there.......Then again, that sort of stuff also exists and is constantly being put into action here in Oz these days. Thank you for the picture and this weeks viewing. M


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