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Monday, 31 March 2008

Henry Square (yet again)

A different view of Henry Square (previously seen here in January). This is looking across Stamford Street towards the Magistrates' Court. The old swimming baths are off the photo to the left.


  1. im absolutly lost here again ,it was so empty looking last time i was down there ,i notice lots of trees have been planted around the town centre now ,

  2. An interesting theme day choice....bath but no bath!!lol

  3. I plan to visit Ashton this summer for the first time in 22 years. If this is typical of the changes then God help me! I'm going to need a guide to get round my old home town. Is this where the square was? I seem to remember a halal takeaway on the corner where I used to buy ahh....umm....takeaways.

  4. If they had not put that building in the way you would be able to see The Friendship.

  5. Hello son.
    It's always fun to try before and after pictures.
    and type in Henry Square.

  6. Hello Ashtonian

    Thanks for that. I have been on this site occasionally but not noticed the Henry Square pics. That photo showing the Jet petrol station takes me back. Back in the 1960s, I sometimes bought petrol for my motor bike there - it was the cheapest anywhere then. I still have a pack of Jet petrol playing cards which were a free gift from that station.


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