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Thursday, 27 March 2008


The unusual Victorian architecture of these buildings on Henrietta Street results in triangular and pentagonal panes of glass in the windows!


  1. The houses in this style go round the corner and up the right hand side of Canterbury Street too.

  2. are these houses near the waterworks place just before union st ,im going off the bit of wall showing ,

  3. spinners i think they are a bit further up than than where the waterworks used to be, Canterbury street is just round the corner.The waterworks place is no longer there i think there are flats there now.

  4. hi the bit of the wall that is showing was part of the water works they use to keep pipes behind that wall , it ran along the front on henretta street there was two big houses on the corner of lennox street and henretta st which belong to the water works


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