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Friday, 28 March 2008

The Heys

Looking down Mossley Road towards Ashton at the junction with Herries Street.
New houses stand on the site of the old Heys Primary School (originally Mossley Road School) which in turn was partly on the site of the Heys Colliery.


  1. had you not said this was mossley rd i would never had guessed, i didnt recognised it at all .i closed my eyes trying to think what it looked like before and just couldnt put the two together ,theres nothing there as i remember it ,i believe the houses opposite are still there the ones with the long front gardens as i have a nephew lives in one ,

  2. Yes it has changed enormously. The three storey apartments on the corner stand in what was once the top of corner of Mossley Road School yard.
    There is a new school building further down on what was the playing field, it fronts onto Whiteacre Road. It is very much smaller than the original school building.

  3. The houses with the very long front gardens are still there, opposite the flats and houses in Martin's photo. Just along from there was the old bus garage.

  4. Spinners ,Mossley road is much the same as you remember it except for these houses and flats built where the old Mossley rd school was. Further up near Rosehill rd there are more flats built where the Oddwhim pub used to be .


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