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Monday, 10 March 2008

Garden Terrace

These terraced houses on Newmarket Road would have been regarded as two steps up from the houses shown yesterday:
1) they have small front forecourts/gardens
2) the front rooms have bay windows
Notice also the simple decorative brickwork above the bay window and below the roof guttering.


  1. Thanks to Chips I can now recognise these houses as Victorian...with back to bakc or "shared" chimneys!

  2. The houses on Kings Road are also Victorian - just a different style!

    Don't confuse the back-to-back chimneys with back-to-back houses! Those had another house built on to the back of it, so there was no back door! I don't think there were any of those in Ashton, but there are still many surviving in Yorkshire towns, such as Huddersfield and Leeds.

  3. i dont know this are very well but i notice they seem to get up earlier than the ones in hurst knoll .thats unless the back curtains are still drawn ,lol .

  4. There definitely were some back to back houses in Ashton. The ones I remember were on Turner Lane just after Warre Street. They had only one door and shared a back wall with the house built on to the rear. These particular houses were known locally as The Belt Row. They had a row of shared privies along the pathway than ran through from Warre St to Winton St. Shaw's Brushworks was next door.

  5. Thanks for that, Meg. The back-to-backs were long gone by the time I came to Ashton! Strangely, I have heard no mention of them previously. A close look, at an old map suggests that were more back-to-backs on the site of the current Arcades shopping centre.

  6. Shared privies eh!
    There were remnants of these here and there in the early 1970's and I had the unique experience of using one.

  7. also I notice on the larger picture the ludicrous practice of pointing/repairing only 'your' side of the chimney, leaving the other side pointless.

  8. Has anyone got any information pictures of the houses/streets on Union Rd before the Hillgate estate was built in the 1970's ?.
    I am sure when i was a child there was an old church/school built where he indian community centre now stands.
    Any information would be much appreciated


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