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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Roxy Shops

The row of shops on Queens's Road, Hurst Cross, Ashton. At one time these shops faced the "Cake-a-Pie" factory and the Roxy Cinema, both now gone.


  1. i wonder how long these shops have been there ,they were there when i started school in 1937 but were pritty new .i remember mortimers chemist , he was still there when i had karen in 1960.and i think years after that , i used to buy things i needed for her from him ,there was a sweet shop ,a paint and wallpaper shop ,a grocers.. joe wright had a fruit shop there during the war ,the roxy was built while i was going to the infant school it opened around 1939,that little silver car must be yours martin ,you are like alfred hitchcock ,he always appeared in all his films.left his trademark ,

  2. No, not my car! Mine's not silver. Besides - I was on foot when taking these photos! My car does appear in several photos on the main part of the website, as does my old car! Neither have appeared on the blog pics yet, but may do in the future...

  3. Tsk Tsk!
    Another illegal sign for the leaky plumber. You can't have signs above facia height.

    I'm off to the Tameside dot gov website to launch a formal complaint.

    Nice picture by the way

  4. hi we use always call them the roxy shops ,i see the fishing tackle shop as gone

  5. Yes - that's why I called the post "Roxy Shops"!

    Roxy Angling is still second from the right, but not easy to spot that in this photo.


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