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Friday, 25 April 2008

The Cats' Park

Spring is very definitely in the air in Ashton this week. The trees may still be bare but there is plenty of colour on the ground!

This is the view across the triangular-shaped gardens between Mossley Road, Penny Meadow and Cricket's Lane. In the distance is Albion Warehouse, the former Albion Sunday School.

A much larger version of this photo, suitable as desktop wallpaper, can be found here.


  1. I lived on both sides of this little park in 1972-1972.
    The house on the far right, if it's the end one, then a flat on the left after we fell out.

  2. it looks lovely doesnt it ,it would be just a little bit further down than the old bus depot wouldnt it ..are the blue flowers bluebells ,as a kid ,those flowers wouldnt be there two minutes ,we would have gathered most of them ,does that happen now ,

  3. Ian, there are two more houses out of shot to the right. The last house is "double-fronted" with windows each side of the door.

    Lily, it is just down from the old bus garage. I'll post a photo of that some time. I don't know what the blue flowers are - they seemed too small for bluebells. I don't think many kids go there on their own these days, as it is in the middle of three very busy roads.

  4. I think the blue flowers are grape hyacinths

  5. ...or maybe forget-me-nots...they are out in my garden now.

    Martin, why did you call this "The Cat's Park"? I have never heard of that name, but to be honest, I have never known this garden area to have a name.
    It's a lovely photograph,

  6. hi june ,i wonder if its named the cats prk because the cats go in a snuggle up on the flowers ,i have just planted flowers and put orange peel on to keep the cats away ,i think they wee on them as well ,just a thought ,

  7. hi i knew it as cats and dog payground that was back in the early 60s


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