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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More Backs

Another typical back alley or ginnel in Ashton. The scene will be familiar to ex-patriot Ashtonians, apart from the wheelie bins, satellite dishes and security gate.


  1. this pic shows a back alley as you say martin but it isnt known as a ginnel ,a ginnel ran from the front of the houses down to the back ,,there were one every so far in a long row of houses .it was so you could walk on to the street without having to go to either end of the back alley leaving by your back door... if you look on margaret st fourth pic down you can see a ginnel at the left hand side of it ,

  2. This looks like a right scruffy dump. Hope you people abroad dont think this reflects all of us in Ashton !!!

  3. This is what daily photo is all about buttercup and all the better for it. It's not all pretty sunsets. I like it because it, for what it is a nicley composed photo with a little bit of info.

  4. Lily is right- a Ginnel is the entry that ran from the street to the back yards, giving access for every 4 or 5 houses without having to walk the length of the back alley. In Turner Lane (now demolished) our ginnel ran from Warre Street and the back yard gates of three houses (well, two houses and Hough's shop) came out on to the ginnel. At the end of the ginnel it opened out into a larger yard where all the privies were! Lovely! LOL

  5. I love these scenes.
    Here's mine behind Henrietta St.


  6. Good heavens Martin!! I thought at first glance you'd put an actual photo of the back alley our back yard door came onto (about the 2nd one from this end) when we lived at 1268 Ashton Old Road, Hr. Openshaw (which was at that time Singer Sewing Machine Shop!) It's long been demolished now of course because I understand there's some big superstore there now. Without the wheelie bins and antennas though I felt as though I'd jumped back in time and I was going to the centre of the alley to turn left so that I could play with all the kids in the those blocks. That was before the War though! About 1937-38. LOL.

  7. Don't know why my name didn't come up Martin - it was me (Joyce in Canada) who put that last comment on. I put my name and it came out Anonymous! Sorry about that!

  8. hi it looks quite tidy conpared with some round ashtons


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