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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Taunton Hall

Taunton Hall, on Newmarket Road, with Old Hall Farm on the left.

Taunton Hall was a medieval cruck-framed building, dating from the 1337. However, the building has undergone much alteration, with the original timber frame being encased within 18th-century brickwork and a stone slate roof. Three cruck trusses survive, along with other features, such as 16th-century wattle and daub panelling.


  1. This was a very familiar part of my childhood as my aunt and uncle lived on Downing Street opposite Taunton Hall. I remember Tyson's (the clock shop) on the corner of Downing St and Newmarket Rd. This old house must have seen many changes over 6 centuries!

  2. According to the book 'Five Thousand Acres of Old Ashton', the first record of occupancy at the Hall was in 1160. When I was a lad, it was owned by Couincillor & Mrs Ollerenshaw from whom we bought our daily milk.

  3. I'm sure that's correct, S-o-N. The 1337 date refers to the original parts of the existing building. There was probably another building on this site before that!

  4. According to Mrs Bowman, "Taunton Hall, including Old Hall Farm, is very ancient. There must have been a chieftain's house on that spot, probably long before the Norman Conquest. The first possessors of whom we have any sure knowledge were the Claydon or Clayden family.....in 1160."
    Perhaps this is ambiguous in the way it reads but the hall is certainly very old. I used to be fascinated by it and longed to see inside but never got the chance.


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