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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

R A Barrett

This small factory in Blandford Street was built in 1894 for R A Barrett.

I believe that this was the R A Barrett who made ginger beer and other mineral waters. I can find a reference to them having an earlier factory in 1873 just around the corner in Berkeley Street, so perhaps they moved here to larger premises?

In 1910, Barrett's were on e of the first companies in the town to use a motor vehicle for deliveries. R A Barrett eventually ceased production in 1977.

As you can see in the photo below, the Victorians couldn't resist getting a certain amount of ornamentation into even a fairly plain building!


  1. remember the big bunty on the site of the Katherine St flats and maisonettes around Welbeck Street, just before they were built, Barrets supplied hundreds of wooden pallets that were 3 storeys high. It was the biggest bunty ever.

  2. Used to buy a very big bottle of orangeade with some of the 3 shillings pay from Holy Trinity choir.

  3. hi i loved the ice cream soda and lime ade , better still the threepence on the empty bottle

  4. I have a very old brown and cream jug with their name on it wanted to know the history of it as I am wanting to sell it. Does anybody know if this company still exists?

    1. I would be interested in purchasing this bottle as I have a family connection to the original owners of this company

  5. "R.A.Barrett & Co Limited was founded on 02 Feb 1897 and has its registered office in Ashton-Under-Lyne. The organisation's status is listed as "dissolved". It had 0 directors at the time it closed."


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