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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Walk of Witness

The Ashton churches' united walk of witness now takes place on the third Sunday in June, rather than on Trinity Sunday (the Sunday following Whit Sunday). Therefore we can't really call it a "Whit Walk" any more!

In the photo above, Mossley Hollins High School Band walks with the contingent from Charlestown Mission.

Below is a view of some of the crowds at the united service that took place at Cowhill Lane.


  1. where abouts are these people stood ,i cant make it out ,,

  2. Lily - the service took place on a car park that is between Cowhill Lane, Henrietta Street and the railway. It would have all been houses when you knew it - part of Camp Street!

    The buildings in the background are on Wimpole Street and the backs of Penny Meadow. You can see the tower of St Michaels in the distance.

  3. I should have known that martin ,i lived around the corner of wimpole st .i used to walk down a back facing our house on glebe st and by the side of st marys school .bringing me out where those people are now standing ,,ashton has certainly changed hasnt it ,,

  4. I was carrying the banner for St James at the weekend & what a job it was to find roper's to help us keep the banner up in the wind's, unfortunately there are just not as many people at our church as there once were but the good old bulldog spirit came out & we all pulled together, allbeit Flow Matthews (who helped as a roper) got tangled in a tree at St Michaels sqaure & i nearly dragged her up into the tree, luckily commonsense told her to let go resulting in me being twanged in the back of the head, what a cracking day though, it was nice to see the people turn out even if if wasn't as many as it used to be.


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