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Monday, 17 March 2008

Bakery Court

These modern houses just off Queens Road are on the site of the former "Cake-a-Pie" factory in Hurst. The factory had originally been part of the massive Whittaker's cotton mills before becoming a flour mill. In later years it was owned by Rank Hovis McDougall. The housing development is appropriately named "Bakery Court".


  1. It looks like a nice neighborhood. A place for families.

    I hope you get to visit my brookville blog and see me in a blonde wig.

  2. looks like a nice quite place to live in, great picture.

  3. how posh is that .they look fantastic ,a big change from the old mill, still the old place kept the bread and butter on many a table for years ,as did the cotton mills ,im not struck on the name though bakery court ,

  4. Are they for the upper crust?

  5. marin its been brought to my attention by someone looking on the blog ,that you put that the cake a pie was once a bakery ,i hadnt noticed you had put that ,however it was never a bakery ,it was a flour mill .

  6. Thanks, I've amended it now. It makes the name of the development a bit misleading, though, doesn't it?


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