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Saturday, 8 March 2008


These traditional brick-built terraced houses on Kings Road, Hurst Knoll, are typical of many thousands of houses built in Ashton in the late Victorian period. The plaque on the wall reads "Boston Terrace 1877". The houses are now very much in the 21st century, with uPVC windows and doors, satellite dishes, television aerials and burglar alarms.


  1. would that be the row of houses facing st johns church ,they all look well cared for ,nifty little car too .are the row of stone houses still standing ,im trying to think if the stone ones had a little garden at the front ,,

  2. no i think im wrong ,the houses facing the church have a wider front walkway ,so these houses must be the left hand side going from ladbrooke rd ,up near hilton crescent ,

  3. Right second time! These houses are near the Oddfellows Arms.

  4. I think they are lovely... Id love to see what they look like indoors.

  5. Wooo! GG! Look at you putting a photo on! I am soooo impressed!
    (You look great by the way!)

  6. GG If you want to look inside the houses, try WWW.findaproperty.com
    It has lists of houses for sale all over the UK.
    Choose Northwest England, then Ashton-under-Lyne and you will get a list of houses currently for sale, many of which have interior photographs.

  7. Martin,

    Look at the chimneys, they are not now traditional. They then went to back to back a few years after these were built, whereas these(if used) heat next doors house as well - it was an early inititive by the then Georgian Green Party that was dropped in favour of late Victorian cheapness..

  8. interestingly the last chimney on the right has a couple of aerials not pointing to Winter hill but in a southerly direction.
    You should knock on the door and ask them why!

  9. Hi Ashtonian,
    Seem to think the antenna are right.
    Not lived there since 77.but to my way of thinking they are facing NW


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