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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Vicarage Road

Looking down Vicarage Road, Ashton under Lyne, which leads from Cranbourne Road to Wilshaw Lane. The buildings on the horizon are in Oldham.


  1. i remember vicarage rd houses being built ,it was round about the time i was wed 1956 ,a friend of mine who was married the week before us moved into one brand new , i would have loved one myself but money was a bit tight ,im not sure but i think alan dean built them ,

  2. That would be about the right time, Spinners. Our neighbours in Beech Mount (on the Downshaw estate) moved into a brand new bungalow on the estate- all the roads were called after the Everest expedition- Hunt, Everest, Tensing and so on. Jim Arda and his wife were our neighbours- Jim was a butcher in the inside market.

  3. I also remember the green fields being here before this estate was built and would have put it early to mid 1950s. Was the builder Dean and Whipp? I had to pay them rent for my garage off Newmarket Road in the 1960s and 1970s. They were well known local builders.

  4. Most of the houses on the Vicarage road estate have had probs with the concrete raft, they built on shale which turned out to be a no no,many people had to have retro work done but the problem still exists,thus lowering to resale value.

  5. Ah yes , Vicarage Road.
    Often there, when I visited the Parkinson Residence! Hello Alan!
    I'm not sure but it could be the one on the right where the lady is!

  6. also,
    as Alan pointed out all the surrounding streets were named to honour various conquerers of Everest


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