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Monday, 11 February 2008

The Angel

The Angel Hotel is one of the oldest pubs in Ashton, having held a licence since 1762. The original building was nearby in Court House Yard, but was rebuilt in 1868 here on the corner of Old Street and St Michael's Square. This was the original centre of Ashton, with the pub facing the old market cross. The outside of the building is decorated with a tile mosaic, slightly marred by electrical and plumbing alterations.

Originally situated nearby in Court House Yard, the Angel was rebuilt about 1858 on its present site. It was badly damaged by a gas explosion in 1874 and reduced from three storeys to two. The ground floor has a most attractive mosaic tiled frontage. The Angel has the distinction of having the longest list of traceable landlords for an Ashton Public House – 68 up to 1988.


  1. My mum was the cleaner of the Angel for about 5 years. I used to go with her sometimes on my way to the Parochial school. I used to look under the bench seats that ran along the wall, for any dropped change that fell through the gap at the back of the seat. Pat the landlady said i could keep any coins , but must hand in any notes i found. In case the customer came back looking for them. Found quite a few bob. The odd piece of jewelry, wallet etc. It was a treasure trove under those seats.

  2. ha yes martin ,you are making me feel quite nostalgic with this one ,it takes me back to my teenage years ,it was right facing the empress dance hall better known as the humane dance hall because it was over the top of the humane friendly insurance society ,i think there was a chemist next door to it right on the corner of old cross st ,we used to slip in the angel during the interval at the dance hall ,not being quite 18 at that time i always worried the police would come in and ask us how old we were ,i would have been murdered had my parents found out ,

  3. What a wonderful building!!!

  4. I am doing a family tree for a friend and have discovered that her great grandfather John Dugdale was publican of the Angel Inn, St Michaels Square in 1901. Can anyone provide me with info (past and present)about the pub. Thank you


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