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Monday, 18 February 2008

Bog Trotting

By request - a photo of the moorland above Dovestones Reservoir, Greenfield.
This scene is a mere half dozen miles from Ashton but is so different that you might as well be walking on the moon! The walkers are crossing an area of bare peat at Wimberry Moss. The rocks in the background are Wimberry Stones, known as "Indian's Head" because, when seen on the skyline from the valley below, they resemble the profile of a "red indian chief" if you turn your head to one side and use a little imagination!


  1. This is such an interesting photo to me. I've never been to the UK (but flown over it and seen it portrayed in dozens of films) and have only heard of the moors and bogs. How mushy might that bog be? It's all so Catherine and Heathcliff.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Love the picture Martin, thankyou!

    That's the view up at the top...not everyone sees that.
    I walked around Dovestones again this evening, the sunset was incredible.

    I am trying to maintain my 10,000 steps a day - it's quite easy when we have such lovely areas close at hand.


  3. it looks absolutly beautiful up there ,just goes to show what we older ones missed out on not having our own transport ,it does.nt seem fair missing out on all that does it ,

  4. Kim - the mushiness depends on how much rain there has been recently. I took that photo a couple of years ago and it had been dry for a while, so it was fairly firm. I was standing on it to take the photo! I have also been up on t'moors after it has rained a lot and sunk up to my knees in the stuff!

    June - you are right - it is a secret world up there that most people don't get to see! I love it!

    Lily - you wouldn't have needed your own transport as there was (and still is) a bus from Ashton to The Clarence in Greenfield, from where it is a walk of 2 miles to here (although mostly steeply uphill!).

  5. Thanks for the picture and the memories. During my Hurst Nook Youth Club Days, Dovestones was one of the places we could manage to cover without having to use much public transport. Also, always walk in the area with our nieces and family when we are visiting England.

  6. ha yes i must get thirty8ters to take me up there on one of my next visits ,i bet it looks grand after it snows ,,

  7. Has the vegetation been removed from the peat or is that natural, I dont ever remember seeing bare peat like that.

  8. Jayess
    Wimberry Moss brought a lot of memories back from the 1940`s for it was a place that my then future wife & I used to cycle.We had many a Wimberry tart made by her.In them days there was no dams but we loved to walk around that area but you would not see many people --just one or two but very rarely any more.

  9. Outhouse wrote:
    "Has the vegetation been removed from the peat or is that natural, I dont ever remember seeing bare peat like that."

    Nothing grows tall up there, the climate is to hostile - if the strong winds doesn't get them the sheep do.

    I worked on the reservoir in 1965-66 and it is the only place I have been where the wind was blowing stongly with gusts upto 70MPH it was thick with fog with the added bonus of a snow storm, where 4 inches fell in an hour.

  10. I walked over Black Moor (a few miles further up the Holmefirth Road)a few years ago on a hot July day. Half way across the moor, the sky suddenly went black and a cold wind blew across, followed by hailstones the size of hen's eggs! I had my little dog with me and she was terrified because it was thundering and lightening too. Luckily I had a waterproof jacket in my rucksack so I knelt down and held it over my head with the dog snuggled up underneath as well...and there we stayed until it stopped!
    When I got back to the road where my car was parked, two hikers, who I had seen earlier were waiting in their car - "Thought we'd just see thee got back safe Lass!"
    People are lovely!


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