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Friday, 29 February 2008

Old Post Office

Someone returning to Ashton after a few years might easily find themselves slipping into this building on Warrington Street to buy a stamp or something. They would then be in for a surprise as the building no longer houses Ashton's Post Office. The new post office is inside W H Smith's shop in the Arcades centre.


  1. What an eyesore!
    All those "A" boards
    Tameside should ban them
    Great photo of the Old Post Office though!

  2. Thankfully Hyde doesn't have a WH Smiths so our PO may survive - the queues there often spill into the street. At least the old Post Office House in Hyde has a new use.

  3. ashtonian,
    The council employees are to busy working out their pension rights, holidays etc to bother.

    There is legislation in place:
    Advertisements displayed in contravention of the Regulations are an immediate offence which is open to prosecution by the local planning authority, under section 224 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. LPAs also have powers under section 225 of the 1990 Act, to remove or obliterate any illegally displayed placard or poster after giving two days notice of their intention to do so.

    But the Plastic Police and the Tameside Strollers cannot be bothered.

  4. great pic ,i wonder if meeks shoe shop is still on the next corner down ,my mother always took us there to get our new pumps .

  5. This is a great photograph of the 'Old Post Office", as you say Martin, anyone returning to Ashton for a visit could very well think of popping in for a stamp or coin or any of the many other items you could purchase in the PO. I do hope they do not leave the building to fall in on it'self like the picture you showed of Stamford Street 2004. We have laws here in Oz also Chips, if you leave bill boards out after you have had a warning, the ranger comes along and confiscates them. Not that it changes anyones attitude, you can see the ranger's truck most days with heaps of A boards and others. You have to pay anything between $50-$200 to retrive them. Quite a little money maker seeing as the same people keep repeating the same offence. Maybe bill boards pay!!!!

  6. Just had a last minute holiday in Lanzarote and was amazed to find that they don't permit billboards by the side of the roads or other forms of advertising (even the sides of buses are totally ad free!) Makes a huge difference to the towns and countryside.

  7. Last year the Government brough legislation in to stop roadside advertizing and you also need planning permission for signs - yet on the old baths is a banner which takes up half the building.


    spinner, You're correct. Meeks shop is on the left on the next block

  8. Spinner probably remembers Meeks shoe shop on the same side as the Post Office, on the corner of Old St and Warrington St (now a Building Society office?) Meeks is now across the road, roughly where Spencers card/bookshop used to be. The old Post Office was always packed too but it didnt stop them shutting it, in spite of lots of protest. The post office here in Stratford on Avon, centre of tourism, has been 'rationalised' and is now part of a mini supermarket! Queues have not reduced at all but now you have to wend your way through the baked beans to send a parcel. Great!

  9. yes thats the shoe shop i mean ,i wonder how long meeks have been going for ,im 75 now and it was going when i was a kid ,i used to get my whitsuntide shoes from there ,patent leather ankle straps ,i was so proud of them ,i used to clean them with vaseline ..well forthe first few weeks ,it was said to stop them from cracking ,

  10. Hi Spinner Mrs Meeks the matriach of the family died in January she was in her 90's

  11. thanks for that annonymous .wasnt it some of the meeks family in the group .five penny piece..

  12. Yes, Spinner, you're quite right- John and Lynda Meeks (brother & sister) were the founding members of the Fivepenny Piece. There's a website at www.5pp.co.uk


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