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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Forester's Call

Interesting tiling on the front of the Forester's Call public house on Old Street, Ashton.

The Foresters Call started off as a beerhouse in 1848. A wine licence was granted in 1889 and a full licence in 1950.

Beer has been taxed in England since 1643. From 1830 a suitable house could sell beer (but not wines and spirits) if an excise licence was held (for tax-collecting purposes).


  1. That's lovely tile covering the exterior of this beer house. The red door makes a nice contrast.

  2. For those not in Britain, the silver box at the left hand side of the door is for cigarette ends - they are not usually used till the floor is full.

  3. I used to work at the Library on the opposite corner to the Forester's Call but never went in the pub!!
    Great green tiling on the pub on corner of Cotton St and Oldham Rd near the Tameside Theatre (Theatre Tavern??)

  4. great pub, good beer, cheap prices , friendly people blue army on telly


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