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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Junction

The Junction Inn on Turner Lane, Ashton. The red car continues up Turner Lane. Lees Street is to the right. (The row of houses on the left hand side of Lees Street appeared in yesterday's photo, seen from the other direction!)

The Junction Inn has been fully licensed since 1854. The Carlton factory opposite has been recently demolished and apartments are being built (out of shot to the right).


  1. I understand that the Junction Pub is unique in the fact that it can be walked all around. Am I correct?

  2. On the outside!!

  3. You mean because it stands on its own little block? You could be right! (Unless anyone knows differently!)

  4. Hang on... I've walked all around the outside of the Dog and Partridge, Waterloo, but part of that was through the car park, rather than all on public land.

  5. great photo of the junction use to play as kid round there , had many happy memories of going in the junction with family and neigbours that lived round there , it does stand on a block of its own , you can also walk round the ring-o-bells on the outside there must be a few more also in ashton

  6. hi the anonymous is greeny

  7. hi if you look a the mill at the right rear of the junction inn you will not see the tower with the name displayed james howe limited when did that go?d


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