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Monday, 4 February 2008

Passing through

A Trans-Pennine Express train passes through the edge of Ashton on its way from Stalybridge to Manchester Piccadilly. It is crossing the Ashton Canal (just visible behind the red car). Beyond that is seen the rear of the Asda store and Cavendish Mill. The road in the foreground is Lower Wharf Street, featured last week. To my left (out of shot) is the site of the former Ashton (Park Parade) Station.


  1. I thought the TP went through Charelestown Station.
    Is this something new?

  2. I see what they did!
    They decided to change the route so that they could connect with Manchester Airport, which meant Piccadilly so the train goes via Guide Bridge to Stalybridge and onwards. Clever huh?

  3. The TransPennine Express has gone direct from Stalybridge to Piccadilly for many years now. (Anybody know since when? It could have been when the Metrolink opened.) They don't stop at Guide Bridge. They don't all stop at Stalybridge. Some continue to Liverpool and some to the Airport. Only the local stopping trains to Victoria now go along the other line and stop at Ashton Charlestown.

  4. i want to know where you took the photo from Martin. Were you up a tree?? LOL

  5. I jumped up just at the right moment!


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