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Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Moment Frozen in Crime

The frozen surface of Crime Lake this morning.
Crime Lake forms part of the route of the Hollinwood Canal through Daisy Nook Country Park, between Ashton and Oldham.


  1. Although we have been having some lovely sunny days here, the nights have been very cold and lakes and ponds are frozen over. I passed by Stamford Park today and the geese were standing up on the frozen lake. The pond in my garden has been frozen for days, the low lying sun doesn't quite catch it to defrost it...I hope the frogs are snuggly asleep at the bottom!

  2. I've not been up past there for quite a while. Can you still smell the stench from pig farm or have they done something about it now?

  3. On Antiques Roadshow last night someone had brought along one of those machines- you put a penny in the slot and you could spy on 'what the Butler saw'. I'm sure i can remember there being a similar machine at Crime Lake in the 1950s. My grandad used to have some old magic lantern slides of Crime Lake. The magic lantern and presumably the slides too were given to Mr John Cassidy, well known local historian when my g'dad died in 1964. I'd love to know where they are now!

  4. I heard someone had to be rescued from the island at Stamford Park on the 20 Feb. A 17 year old young woman. Should have had more sense than cross over the ice to the island. tv News said she is revoring from hypothermia.


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