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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Bowling Green

A game of bowls in the February sunshine on the bowling green at King George V Playing Field, Ashton under Lyne.


  1. thats great now isnt it ,having a bowling green in king georges ,there were two in ashton as i know of ,one was stamford park and the other the cedar park hurst ,oh wait a minute ,i think there was one on queens rd almost facing whiteacre rd ,

  2. And the "Soft Green Of England"....... through the picture, the day looks lovely and fresh. I seem to remember the Bowling Green on Queens Road belong to the Liberal Club. Another was at Evans St Band Club (lovely green) Cedar Park had two Greens, one smaller than the other which was called the Ladies Green (Although anyone could play on it) and, didn't Stamford Park have three Greens?


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