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Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Touch of White

Winter came to the Ashton area overnight with a thin coating of snow. Unfortunately, I had to go somewhere early this morning and, by the time I came back home, the snow had melted away in the sunshine! So here is a photo from 2 years ago to give you a flavour. Was that the last time we had any snow? The picture shows the canal at Woodend, in Mossley.


  1. snow, snow, quick quick go!!

  2. Yep, that was about the shape of it!

  3. It is just lovely, looking at your picture Martin. I am sitting in 37C up in these there hills of Perth WA. The dog has his tongue lolling out even in air con conditions. So, one can dream a while and pretend you are knee deep in snow. I know your spot so that makes the picture more interesting. What a good person you are editing and putting all your pictures together for us to share. I have to say once again, very much appreciated and just now has 'chilled' the old memory into action.

  4. I have to agree Martin - so many memories brought back and so many new images to see in the blog. Thank you :-)

  5. Lovely shot. Looks so beautiful - but cold...

  6. martinc quote: ".... here is a photo from 2 years ago to give you a flavour. Was that the last time we had any snow?"

    I have a snowy pic taken March 3rd 2006 here in balmy Ryecroft.

  7. oh just how i like it martin ,i loved the one you put on of hartshead pike about three yrs ago on christmas day ,certainly cooled me down that one ,,gg

  8. Beautiful! Thank- you so much for all the wonderful photos,the next best thing to being there!


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