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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Still Waters

Tranquil, reflective scene on a still winter morning - the Ashton Canal at Whitelands. The photo is looking westwards from "Donkey Stone Wharf", once the site of Eli Whalley's donkey stone manufactory and historically known as "Ashton Old Wharf". On the right is the headquarters of Tameside Sea Scouts. Many of the boats here are residential.


  1. I wish they would beautify the Social Security building like they did Assheton House

  2. I love London through cinemas. I really wanna go there and taste the air. BTW,nice photo u've made!!!

  3. Terrific photograph, what a wonderful life people must be now getting living on the canals once again.

  4. Love the photo! Although I was born in Ashton I spent my early childhood in Droylsden in the 50s and the canal ran beyond our back garden. We used to walk for miles along the paths and the water was still pretty clean. It's nice to see that some of the canals in the area have now been cleared and are being used again.

  5. Jan - I think you'd be surprised at how well-used the canal through Droylsden is now. Take a look at this "Virtual Cruise".

  6. Oh Martin - that was wonderful!!!! I actually had a look at the whole site and noticed that some of the archive photos had been taken by my late cousin David Brown. It's lovely to see the waterways revitilised. One of these days I shall have to have a trip up there to see them in person.

  7. As one of the residential boaters on this site, I can honestly say I wouldn't go back to bricks and mortar if you paid me. It's a hard life, but definately a fulfilling one!


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