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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Old Fire Station

The old Fire Station, Ashton, was built in 1931. It stands on Wellington Road opposite the Town Hall. It now houses an estate agent and a pub called The Old Fire Station.

I am adding this close-up of the Ashton coat-of-arms on the corner of the building:


  1. brings back memories that place ,i always took a short cut by the side of it ,camp st. to get to glebe st ,,its good to see all these places we once knew ,whats happened to the streets at the back of stamford st ,church st and wellington st ,are there new houses there now ,

  2. What a lovely photo. sounds as if this place sure has a long history.


    Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

  3. I am pleased to see that this building is still standing Martin. We were often allowed a little tour around the station as young chhildren (well my cousin and I) one of our uncles used to give us a treat every now and again. The coat of arms still holding up. Do you know the meaning of the arm?. Sorry for the life of me I would not remember what it is. The last time I entered this station was about 1983 when it had become a restaurant and we ordered out steaks by weight. Had a lovely night out in there. Looks as though it has had a bit of a face lift since them. This is being one of the best times ever, you taking us back through photography to places that we rembered from yesterday.

    1. That steak house was called Ferguson's. I had many a steak there. They served a brilliant dark vinegret sauce with their side salad which I never got the name of and wish I had!

  4. "I am adding this close-up of the Ashton coat-of-arms on the corner of the building"

    Thanks Martin. My mum lied to me, she said the coat of arms was one man digging and five men standing around doing nowt.

  5. I used to be sent to the treasurer's dept on the first floor above the fire station to collect postage stamps for the Library & to return used-up pens (in exchange for new ones- honest!)
    Went to an Office Christmas Party there in about 1968. Had too much to drink and fell down the stairs- painful!!

  6. hi does any one know where the fire station was before the old was built 1931 , its been said it was on the corner of manchester road and crowthorn road

  7. My mother was the first Female Dispatch Rider for Stalybridge Fire Brigade. I haven't been to England YET. I will and am looking forward to having a meal here. You will recognize me as I will be the one with tears streaming down my face and a smile.

  8. great to see the fire station. i was in ashton the other day for the first time in 37 years, so i visited the place. i am now retired from the fire service but i first started in the fire service in 1971 and as a young fireman(18) i left the lake district to join lancashire fire service and was posted here. at that time this fire station was the busiest in lancashire and to serve here meant you gained a lifetimes experience in a short time! i spent 2 years here and believe me i saw life on the edge . human dramas were everyday occurrences here.it really was the "hill street blues" of the time. i was on A watch and can remember all the men and officers. when i walked through the doors the other day it really was a srreal moment as i wathed people sitting eating and drinking . inside has changed obviously but as you look out of the windows aand doors it really hasn,t changed that much. i was transported back in time to those days when i would open the doors as the bells went down and i would jump onto the water tender escape and turn out. i spoke to the bar staff and they were fascinated about ny visit. i left lancashire many years ago but served 30 years in the fire service. i will visit again as it holds special memories for me. i live back in the lake district wher i retired fom the service in 1998. if anyone wishes to know about this special station please contact me at riderofficer548@yahoo.co.uk

  9. hi i am the guy who posted the comments as anonimous and talked about the time when i was a young fireman at ashton fire station wellington rd,and as i see it is not right to call yourself anon i can tell a anyone who is interested my name is stephen wilkes. i finished as a middle ranking fire officer in the fire service after 30 yrs. i have many fond and sometimes dramatic memories of my time at this atation. i know ther are still surviving old firemen who served here and still living locally who joined straight after the war and was still there until the station closed in 1972.John Wild
    was one of these men. john and his wife used to have the sports shop called gibson's. can anyone remember this?.
    Tere is a photo on a website re old photos lancashire fire service that shows two firemen that was serving there till 1072. One was the aformentioned John Wild and the other is Ben Winterbottom. Both great men and stalwarts and used to tell me of past times at the station.

    I of course served at many fire ststions throughout my career but strandely this place holds a special place in my heart i really don't know wyh. If anyone want's to know any more about this station or the men and incidents please contact me on hunterman2009@live.co.uk

  10. In the 1881 Census the fire engine house is at 209 Fleet Street. My ancestor Richard Pilling (The Father of the Plug Plot) lived next door at 211 and was a tea dealer at this time.


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