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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Winter Sunshine

Mid-February and Ashton residents enjoy the unseasonably warm sunshine today in the gardens between Henrietta Street and King George's Playing Fields, Ashton.


  1. Seem to have lost my bearings on this picture. Could some one tell what the building on the right hand side of the picture is. Is it a house, or a pub? a little confused.

  2. wherever you look now ,everythiung has changed .but for the better ,it looks lovely now ,at one time there was nothing in that part of king georges ,i think its lees st that goes down off henrietta st towatds turner lane ,nd the building on the right side if i remember right were shops ,one was a co.op .and one sold kitchenware ,it was just before miller street i think ,,

  3. The ground around that area was always rough with puddles of water and bit of grass.The circus's used to put the tents up more into the middle but the caravans seemed to be on this part of the park

  4. hi that was spare land well into the mid 60s then it incorporated into king georges park it looks realy well now the big buildig on the right was the co-op on henrietta street

  5. hi ive done it again i anonymous on the post at17-29y


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