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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Fruit and Veg

Fruit and vegetable stalls on Ashton's open market.


  1. Lovely pic Martin. I really miss Ashton market. When I first moved to London everyone kept enthusing about the local market and I had to say it was nothing compared to northern ones!

  2. Terrific picture Martin, I can really smell the freshness and feel the dampness of those lettuces! I can still see the old 'Tin Bertha' where they washed and kept the veggies clean and cool all those years ago. Thanks for the memory.

  3. the caulies and tomates look lovely and ripe ,i notice the ground has been done up ,it used to be cobble stones .yes its certainy changed for the better ,how i would love a walk around there ,have a good rummage through all the stalls ,

  4. Having another look at this photograph, have they changed the spot for the Veggies, I seem to be looking down towards the Town Hall, have they got the veggies facing Marks and Spencers now? The last time I was in Ashton the Fruit and Veggies seemed to face out onto Bow Street!

  5. The veggies still do face Bow Street, GG. There are two rows, with stalls across each end. This pic shows the stalls across the end near M & S.

  6. Having a closer look this week, there don't seem to be as many fruit and veg stalls as there used to be.

  7. hi i remember working on that stall it use to be eric lambs that was way back in the 60s all along that front were fruit and veg stalls


    W.A.G of W.E.C



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