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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

After the Bulldozers

On 15th May, I posted a photo of the corner of Blandford Street and Bentinck Street before the bulldozers moved in. I was asked what is there now. This photo shows you.

The building is Lomas Court, sheltered residential accommodation for disabled people, and is a replacement for the nearby Katherine House, which has now closed.

The one way sign and the telegraph pole can be seen in both photos!


  1. One of sons lives there. To say it is a replacement for Katherine House is probably not accurate, although the fact that quite a few former residents of KH now live at LC might lead one to conclude that that was the case.

  2. I believe this to be a typical example of the major changes to this area of Ashton.

    Gone now are the rows and rows of neat and tidy terraced houses which were there up untill the 1950's-1960's. The changes beginning late 60's to the present day.

    Still, further west from this photo remain houses which have been sandblasted and given a new look.


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