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Monday, 5 May 2008


The children's roundabouts on Ashton Market. The two rides stand in the corner of the open market ground near the entrance to The Arcades mall and are popular with some of the younger shoppers.


  1. I regularly stand here while my two little grandsons have a "go" on the roundabouts !!!

  2. it reminds me of when alan was a young one ,i had to stand and wave ever time he came round ,and screamed each time he had to get off ,

  3. I remember being very small and being facinated buy the fella turning the wheel that turned the roundabout, this was before electric motors turned them.
    Strange what things a person recalls. I even have two or three vidid memories of Tatton Street and Jermyn St

  4. hi can any one remember them being called ding dongs


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