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Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Nag's Head

The Nag's Head, on Bow Street opposite the Market Hall, dates back to 1835. It became "Sloans" in 1985 and more recently became the "Chute Bar". The front window has been replaced with folding doors.

Across Market Street is "The Bedroom", the former "Pitt and Nelson" pub that featured in yesterday's photo. In the background can be seen the tower of the Parish Church. There is a legend that a secret tunnel ran between the Pitt and Nelson and the Parish Church.


  1. this pub the nags head and the white bear used to have a real bad name many years ago ,a decent person wouldnt be found dead in any one of them ,all the riff raff used to go in them ,i went in the white bear once and there were beer all over the floor just a wooden floor no carpets ,but do you know ,the ones in there would have given you their last halfpenny ,

  2. hi i remember going in the nags head ,that was a pub with some characters, also the white bear on warrington st, there was one at the back of the old reporter offices ,was it called the star inn , that was also known as a pub with characters , all gone now , but where have all the characters gone ?

  3. I was born from this old coaching style pub. My Grandma was the Landlady. My earliest memories are of Dray Horses, a big open range fire with a permanent cauldron of soup, Multiple Dogs and Cats, and my Dad on the Piano accompanying the stars from the Ashton Hyppadrome.


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