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Sunday, 18 May 2008


Another picture from Friday evening's Whit Friday Band Contest. Members of Adamsons Band wait their turn to play at Top Mossley.

Today (the Sunday following Whit Sunday) is traditionally the day of Ashton's Whit Walks, but this year's procession will not take place until June 15th.


  1. My dad was a very involved bandsman, for over 60 years. The greatest delight he and Mum had was visiting the Whit Friday competition one year as guests of the Beses o'the barn band I think (or was it Black Dyke....can't quite remember, but one of them!) Great photos, which they didn;t have (pre digital). Dad loved to remembr that time up until he died a couple of years ago, and Mum still talks about it.

    So, thanks.

  2. Mum and dad went with the band on the bus, and say they never had more laughs, especially as the day wore on and the beers flowed. I fancy it was Besses, cos they were friendly with Roy Newsome, and I think he was conducting them at the time. Then they went on a tour of mainland Europe and met up with Black Dyke Mills in several places.


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