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Friday, 2 May 2008

Oddfellows Hall

The Oddfellows Hall, on the corner of Booth Street and Stamford Street, in Ashton, was the Ashton Civic Society "Building of the Year" for 2007. The hall was built in 1855 as a meeting place for the Oddfellows organisation. The Grade 2 Listed building was empty for a long time and part of it collapsed in 1998. Fortunately it was brought back to life by Rockpark Ltd, who have re-designed the interior to accommodate retail space and 16 apartments and duplexes within the original Victorian shell. The same developer is planning to build new apartments on the adjoining site.

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  1. are my eyes deceiving me or is that a baby i see being pushed ,,i was getting a bit worried wondering if they had stopped having them there ,or worse still drowned them all like kittens ,


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