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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

No cats to be seen!

Another view of the display of spring flowers seen in the small gardens at the top of Penny Meadow, known to some as the Cats' Park. (I was hoping someone would tell me why!)
The road layout is confusing here. The bottom part of Mossley Road, running down to the by-pass, is behind the camera. The houses on the right are on the top part of Crickets Lane. To the left is the top part of Penny Meadow, with the terraced houses of Caroline Street running off at an angle.

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  1. i spent a lot of time on caroline st in my teens i used to go out with josephine my friend who lived there ,....perhaps the cats round there are brainy ,they dont want to cross the busy road ,,seen to many of their little cat friends squashed ,


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