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Monday, 19 May 2008

Kay's Yard

Situated on Newmarket Road, in the Taunton area of Ashton, is this modernised cottage which bears the name "Kay's Yard". The cottage is almost opposite Taunton Sunday School.

I would be pleased to hear if anyone knows the origin of the name, and who "Kay" might have been!


  1. Going by what Shaaza has written in the comments on the Sunday School picture, this looks to be a 'Vanity Name' put there recently by the present occupants. Only they will know the true nature of what the name depicts.

    However for the three decades we lived at "Mount Cecilia" on Burlington St Ashton, it was never explained what the name meant.
    All we were told was that the builder built 3 houses 108 110 and 112 Burlington St and that ground rent of £5 a year was paid to two sisters on Progress St the first house after the Spiritualist Church.

  2. martin ,why didnt you knock on the door and ask who kay was ,im sure the people would have obliged ,now you have us all wondering ,i love the house ,

  3. I know who lives here a woman called Kay O'Sullivan , I knew her years ago but have lost touch with her now , she very much into horses and horse riding as is her daughter Clare.I dont know anything about the history of the house but Kay named it "Kays Yard"

  4. As you look at the photo of the house, the single story room used to be what my grandparents called the 'glue pot' (grandads shed/workshop) the room next to it on the ground floor was 'the long room' which went the full length of the house, as you went in at the front there was a little 'lobby' then straight into the front room, behind that was the kitchen (I think the stairs went out of the kitchen). There were three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs - the bathroom was massive - the bath was a victorian type (stood alone with clawed feet and a roll top). As buttercup quite rightly says, the pesent owner called it Kays Yard.

  5. My auntie's mam lived here up until very recently and it is after her that this house is named.

  6. Named after Kay O'sullivan.
    Has stables at the bottom of the back garden. Daughter's called Christine....not Clare...I believe.
    Husband was a builder, great bloke.

  7. Her daughter was called Justine and she is married to one of my uncles.

  8. On the 1885 baptism register of one of my ancestors the listing of abode is Kayes Yard Ashton Under Lyne, his occupation is listed as Iron Moulder so this address is pre 1885.


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