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Thursday, 22 May 2008


Another change on the fringe of Ashton Town Centre, with the construction of this new Aldi store between Dean Street and Wellington Road.

As seen in the photo, it is just across the road from the massive Ikea store. It seems to be one more step towards making Ashton look just like everywhere else!

I don't know whether this replaces the Aldi store at Waterloo or whether that one is still open.

What with Aldi, Ikea, Lidl and Asda it seems that modern stores in Ashton have got to have names 4 letters long!


  1. Totally unrecognisable to me!
    I know Dean St, and I know Wellington Rd but no clue as to exactly where Martin was standing when he took this picture.
    I remember the Goods Yard. I wonder how many of us are left that even know what a Goods Yard was?

  2. hi i suppose they are longer names then b q and mfi is there any shorter, but they have changed the area so much , is the metro link going up wellington road side of aldi

  3. Wow !!!

    That photo look looks exactly like Europe.


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