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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ashton's Most Exclusive

"Ashton's Most Exclusive Nightclub" reads the lettering. This makes me wonder what some of the other nightclubs are like! The building, next door to The Oddfellow's Hall on Stamford Street, is awaiting development. Neighbouring buildings are to be demolished and a scheme involving new shop units and apartments is to be built. It is understood that the building pictured will be included but its facade will be preserved as part of the new development.


  1. it would be great to see stamford st in full swing again ,

  2. The Oddfellows Hall has been empty for about a year since undergoing a multi-million pound rebuild. (There were no takers for the apartments on offer) They have been just tarting it up in recent weeks.

  3. I was meeting a friend on Stamford Street, whilst I waited under the door canopy of what use to be Universal nightclub I found my eyes drawn to this building. The detailing and skill the stone masons put into the stone work is exceptional. I recommend anyone passing to have a quick look at it.


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