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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Stalybridge Station Clock

I was going to use this image for the City Daily Photo theme day on "numbers" but didn't register in time!
The photo shows the arrival of a Trans-Pennine Express train bound for Huddersfield and Leeds. The station clock bears the name of famous clock manufacturers Joyce of Whitchurch.
All is not quite as it seems, however, for the real station clock was removed and in now in the Railway Museum at York. Apparently this led to such an outcry that a replica was made and now hangs here outside the Buffet Bar.


  1. Dear old Stalybridge Station - the Fivepenny Piece song is echoing in my ears.

    I've got part of the clock in my photograph here

  2. Buffet Bar? Whatever happened to Dot's Diner?

  3. And of course Stalybridge station had it's moment of glory in the flim "Yanks"

  4. and of course I have ridden the train many times. Coming home from school catching the train at Exchange station to Stalybridge and then one back to Ashton Charlestown. Oh yes, Those were the days. It wasn't often because it entailed catching the bus in Pendleton exactly as school ended and depending on light traffic making the 16:06 from Exchange.
    Today, the train doesn't even go through Victoria station but goes through Piccadilly instead. Don't you just love the 60's?

  5. June - it was Keighley Station that appeared in Yanks, although a number of the other scenes were filmed in Stalybridge town centre.

    Ashtonian - the Trans-Pennine Express trains, some of which stop at Stalybridge, go through Piccadilly, but the stopping trains (that call at Greenfield, Mossley, Stalybridge and Ashton) still go to Victoria. Trains that start at Stalybridge and call at Ashton and Victoria carry on to Liverpool.

  6. Are there still trains from Stockport to Stalybridge? When my kids were little that was a treat for them (we lived in Stockport in those days)

  7. Yes Meg
    It's called the Parliament train.
    I've ridden it as well.
    One train, one direction once a week.


  8. I suspect that Meg is remembering when it was an hourly service between Stalybridge and Stockport. Now, as Ian says, it is just one train, one day a week, in one direction only, to save the formalities of officially closing the line.

    I seem to recall that there was another such train running on the Ashbury's to Miles Platting line just east of central Manchester, but haven't heard of it for some time.

  9. Thanks Martin for the memorable picture of Stalybridge Station.
    Almost 33 years ago I travelled to Staleybridge from Canada to reunite with my family(the Winstanelys)and visit your fair town. This picture reminds me of a teary farwell under the clock on that platform as I left to continue my journey.
    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


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