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Monday, 12 May 2008

Dukinfield Town Hall

Less than a mile from the centre of Ashton is Dukinfield Town Hall, and it is here that the stone carved rooftop figure (shown yesterday) can be seen.

Dukinfield is Ashton's very near neighbour, just across the River Tame, as well as across the former county boundary in the historic county of Cheshire.

The Town Hall was built in 1901, 2 years after Dukinfield became an urban council. It is built in bands of Accrington brick and cream stonework and boasts an imposing clock tower.


  1. Wow, beautiful picture. I lived 13 years in Manchester and I had no idea that Dukinfield existed, let alone that it had such a nice town hall.

  2. i did a lot of my courting in dukinfield ,my husband lived there in parliament st .the town hall has a nice spring dance floor ,i used to go to dances from work .always enjoyed it ,not that i could dance mind you ,but managed to get around ..if only being dragged ,

  3. Duki town hall is where some of the Corrie (Coronation Street - a long-running TV soap) weddings were filmed.

    My pic today is from the Dukinfield border.

  4. My recent dealings with Dukinfield Town Hall have been sad ones- it's where The Registrar's Office is housed and where you go to register deaths. However, I was able to admire the wonderful stained glass inside and the staircase is quite beautiful too. The Victorians and Edwardians knew how to make civic buildings beautiful as well as functional. Compare Ashton Central Library, Manchester Town Hall with the monstrosity that is the extension to Ashton Town Hall, locally known as Colditz!

  5. I know it's been fashionable for a long time to poke fun at the Victorian gothic town halls and public buildings but I loved them. When I was young I went on a tour of Manchester
    Town Hall and climbed the clock tower - so impressive!

  6. looks lovely now that it has been all done up.


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