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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Price of Muffins

Someone asked how much muffins cost these days. Well, the going rate in Stalybridge is 19p each or 6 for £1.10!
Other delicacies on display for the delight of discerning shoppers include vanilla buns and slices, home-made scones, meat and potato pies, mince and onion pies, cheese and onion pies, winberry pies and apple pies.
And what's that lurking at the back? That's right - fresh tripe!


  1. Tripe, yummy!

    That seems pretty cheap for a muffin.

  2. This is my favourite shop, I love the muffins especially the well done ones and the Winberry pie is to die for, They also sell cow heel pies.
    You've made me hungry now Martin!

  3. are the large pies smaller than they were circa 1977?

  4. Ecky-thump, they cannot be many Tripe Dressers left in the UK.

  5. hi i would shop around you can buy 6 muffins off the market for 80p

  6. Hi Greeny
    It's sometimes worth paying a little more for quality, I bet you've never been in M&S when you've got your 'Market' on it's door step LOL.

  7. We plan to visit Stalybridge when we're on holiday - I shall have to look out for this shop :)


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