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Thursday, 8 May 2008


The decorative ironwork over the entrance to the Memorial Gardens in Ashton. The design includes the coat of arms for the town.


  1. I love this photograph. Set against the lovely blue sky, the arch looks like a tiara.

  2. Martin is a natural photographer.
    I enjoy all his pictures. He's a born natural.

    There are many things to consider when composing a picture things to include & things to avoid and Martin has it down.

    I'm lucky if I get 1 in a hundred or even 1 in a thousand. These photographs should be preserved by the Tamesdide archives.

  3. Goodness - I wouldn't go that far, Ashtonian! But thank you, all the same!

    The picture you see is not exactly the picture the camera took, as it was cropped slightly to make it more or less symmetrical. Also it was rotated slightly, as the original was not quite "level".

    And you should see some of the photos that don't get published!

  4. hey june ,you took the very words out of my mouth ,as soon as i saw the pic i said ,it reminds me of a tiara ,small minds think alike ,lol .

  5. Shouldn't that be GREAT MINDS.....
    Then again you could say - fools never differ!

  6. I think this sounds like a tiara boom de ay!


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